Fuktskader i Oslo

Hei alle sammen. Ryan her. Har byttet språk så beklager det, har øvd meg så mye på å snakke norsk at jeg har glemt hvordan man snakker engelsk. Ville bare fortelle at kjellerleiligheten min i Oslo ble oversvømt her om dagen. Det var store vannskader og fuktskader på leiligheten min i Oslo. Det likte jeg veldig dårlig. Fullt av råte og hele pakka. Det var et styr å få ordnet opp i.

Nå må jeg tilbake til å tegne. Snakkes.

How to improve running technique

Improving the way you run should be the number one priority for every runner. As we all know, sitting around and reading books about the perfect foot strike MIGHT make you a better runner if you are able to take action and implement what you read. Correct implementation will reduce risk of injury and improve speed and efficiency.  There are several measures you can take to improve your running technique. The Running Technique Rules has laid out some of the most important ones for you.

ryanonfireChange your foot strike

As Ryan pointed out with this drawing of a man with good running technique, the correct way to land when you run is on your mid to fore foot. This is because if you do that, then you’ll be able to leverage the elasticity in your calves and spend less energy while running. You’ll basically be bouncing.

Do barefoot running

Cause it will teach you to implement the step above. No way you’ll heel strike if you don’t have shoes.

Try to hit 180 strides per minute

This is called running cadence. That is the same as 60 strides per 20 seconds. Count it and make sure you hit that number bro. Why? Cause Jack Daniels say so.

Practice pose running

The pose method of running is basically falling forwards and putting your feet in front of you to catch your fall. Then repeat. Visualize and practice. Why push back, when you can just fall forward?


I’ll add a link so you can find out what our friends over at bookofrunning.com thinks about cadence, pose running, barefoot running, foot strike, drill and more. Also, check out this video they made.

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